Shanghai Summer School
Updated: 2016-10-11

Shanghai Summer School (3S), launched by Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, serves as one of the windows for international cooperation and exchanges in terms of education in Shanghai. It aims at setting up a platform for exchanges in education and humanities between Shanghai and the rest of the world with different languages and cultures as well as attracting more excellent foreign students to study in Shanghai, learn Chinese language and even experience Chinese Culture.

With offering diverse Chinese language and cultural programs as its major theme, 3S is conducted in the form of a 30-day experience of intensive language learning and cultural exploring. Overseas students who have been granted Shanghai Government Scholarship and are studying in a higher learning institution in Shanghai are usually accessible to the Program. Ever since its birthday in 2008, 3S had been on an upward trend in terms of quality and quantity. Initially, there were only 25 students and teachers involved from Japanese and Korean sister cities of Shanghai. By the end of 2011, eleven higher learning institutions of Shanghai together with fifteen programs, more than 400 foreign students whose home countries are scattered on five continents had participated. Those programs, covering a wide spectrum, range from teaching of Chinese language and culture, Chinese Traditional Medicine, Kung Fu, Ping Pong, folk music, local opera to Confucius Institutes Program and the program tailored for foreign diplomats in Shanghai. Owing to its popularity among overseas students and participating colleges or universities, 3S is becoming increasingly influential abroad.

As one of the important measures of enhancing the overseas impact of Shanghai Education as well as facilitating international humanities exchanges, 3S has succeeded in promoting foreign students’ understanding of Chinese language and culture, thus arousing their further interests in Chinese history and social system. Apart from this, it has also helped deepening the friendship between Shanghai youth and those of other foreign countries via multiple cooperative and exchange activities. Shanghai Municipal Education Commission will be sparing no effort in making 3S a city "name card” as well as a famous brand of Shanghai Education.

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