Shanghai treasure plant entertains you on New Year's Day
Updated: 2016-12-30


The narcissus grown on Shanghai's Chongming Island features jade-white petals, a golden yellow center, fresh green leaves and gracefully upright stalks. [Photo from WeChat account shanghaitourism]

Chongming narcissus, known as the "three treasure plant of Shanghai" is coming into season along with silver willows in the Songjiang district and wintersweet flowers in the Jiading district.

Boasting a history of more than 400 years, the flowers grown on Chongming Island feature jade-white petals, a golden yellow center, fresh green leaves and gracefully upright stalks.

The flower rose to fame for its naturally grown bulbs, little branches and enduring fragrance, which made it one of the most renown plant species in China.

People in Shanghai enjoy decorating their households with Chongming narcissus during festivals, as they believe the flower will bring wealth and fortune to the family.


Chongming narcissus have come into season with prices ranging from 25 to 380 yuan. [Photo from WeChat account shanghaitourism]

Authentic Chongming narcissus, best planted by Shanghai Chongming Narcissus Cooperation, is estimated to have a market quantity of 30,000 pots this year. With the prices remaining consistent with last year, people can select their favorite one from 25 to 380 yuan.

The flower is also very easy to grow by watering at a frequency of three to five days, and giving the plant plenty of sunshine. You can have your room filling up with elegant scent on the New Year's Day.

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