2017 Shanghai Folk Art Exhibition
Updated: 2017-08-24


Master Wang Xinnian shows his excellence in painting snuff bottles. He is particularly skilled in traditional Chinese painting, specializing in landscapes, birds and flowers, and figures. His works are exhibited at the 2017 Shanghai Folk Art Exhibition from Aug 23 to 31. [Photo by Zhang Jiansong/Xinhua]

An exhibition paying tribute to ethnic and folk culture, which is popular among the Yangtze River Delta region, is taking place at Shanghai Library from Aug 23 to 31.

Upon entering the exhibition hall, visitors will be treated to a 200-meter-long scroll created by Professor Tang Yaozhong from the East China Normal University. The scroll brings alive the daily lives and local conditions of the people that lived in Jiangnan area decades ago.


Pang Yande (right), an artist from Suzhou, Jiangsu province, shows his leaf paintings at the 2017 Shanghai Folk Art Exhibition on Aug 23. He integrates his traditional Chinese painting skills with ingenious layout on leaves. [Photo by Zhang Jiansong/Xinhua]

A variety of delicate handicrafts are also displayed at the festival, ranging from traditional carving works, shaped from bamboos, stones, clay and wood, to modern artistic designs popular across the Strait.

Musical shows add more enjoyment to the festival, as renowned artists are set to put on performances featuring various traditional stringed and woodwind instruments, widely known for their elegant melodies and rich emotions.

Details for those of you who want to join in:
Time: Aug 23-31, 9:00-17:00
Address: No 1555 Central Huaihai Road, Shanghai
Transportation: Bus lines No 26, 911, 926, 945, 920, 830, 96, 93, 15 and 548 at Shanghai Library station; Metro Line 10 at Shanghai Library station; Metro Line 1 at Hengshan station


A girl is enticed by a fan painting at the 2017 Shanghai Folk Art Exhibition on Aug 23. [Photo by Zhang Jiansong/Xinhua]


A screen with double-sided embroidery is showcased at the 2017 Shanghai Folk Art Exhibition on Aug 23. It is known for its delicacy and elegance. The handicraft originated in Suzhou, Jiangsu province. [Photo by Zhang Jiansong/Xinhua]


A visitor strolls around in the 2017 Shanghai Folk Art Exhibition hall on Aug 23. The entrance is designed with traditional Jiangnan architectural elements – rounded doors and bamboo decorations. [Photo by Zhang Jiansong/Xinhua]

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