Starry sky illuminates Shanghai
Updated: 2017-09-29


Visitors appreciate a set of astronomical photos at the "Starry Sky Illumination" exhibition at Shanghai Science and Technology Museum on Sept 26. [Photo by Fang Zhe/Xinhua]

Shanghai Science and Technology Museum opened an astronomical exhibition on Sept 26, aiming to share the magnificence and beauty of nature with people in Shanghai.

The exhibition, titled "Starry Sky Illumination", features more than 110 works created by photographers from over 20 countries and regions, including stunning images of the Milky Way and other bodies in deep space, as well as works setting a beautiful contrast between starry skies and famous global landmarks.

Visitors can also see genuine meteorites at the exhibition, including the remains of a meteorite discovered in Altay, Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region, which scientists believe was part of the largest ever meteor shower to hit Earth.

Other attractions include an elaborate Crab Nebula-themed embroidery work done in the distinctive Suzhou style, which won wide appreciation at the 28th general assembly of the International Astronomical Union in Beijing last month.

You will also be able to immerse yourself in the exhibition's "Digital Sky" planetarium screens and globes.

The exhibition is free and opens to the public from 9:00 am to 5:15 pm, Sept 26 to Nov 26 (closed Mondays).

The museum is located at No 510 West Beijing Road, Huangpu district, Shanghai.


Visitors examine a piece of a meteorite discovered in the Sahara Dessert in Africa at the exhibition. [Photo by Fang Zhe/Xinhua]


A visitor takes photo of an elaborate embroidery work with distinctive Suzhou style. [Photo by Fang Zhe/Xinhua]

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