Travel Frog themed post office opens in Shanghai
Updated: 2018-05-28


A boy poses for a photo with a Travel Frog statue at a newly-opened Travel Frog-themed post office in Shanghai on May 20. [Photo/]

A post office themed on the hit game Travel Frog, the first of its kind in China, opened in Shanghai on May 20.

The mobile app game, developed by Japanese game company Hit-Point, has hooked Chinese gamers this year thanks to its simplicity.The newly-opened post office provides Travel Frog postcards, commemorative stamp folders and notebooks.

The postcards completely copy scenes in the game, such as the frog writing, the frog wearing a lotus leaf, the frog making a backpack, and the frog reading.

The themed products are of great popularity. A staff member at the post office said that a total of 200 sets of postcards and stamps, were sold out by the early afternoon on the opening day, and most of the buyers were young people.

The game, as the name suggests, features a frog which travels a lot. Players only need to prepare food and make a backpack for the frog and wait for its return. The frog may send back some snapshots during its journey and return with treats for players.


Travel Frog-themed postcards featuring scenes from the game. [Photo/]

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