Cultural Life

Shanghai is the birthplace of Haipai culture, which combines southern and Western cultures and is what admirers think of as the soul of a city that never sleeps.

The term Haipai (‘Shanghai style’ was coined by a group of Beijing writers, in 1920, as a form of criticism of some Shanghai scholars whose style of writing they considered too admiring of money and Western culture.

Shanghai's leisure plan for Spring Festival celebrations

Shanghai announced this year's festival activities during the Spring Festival and Lantern Festival holidays.  Read More

Cultural Life

Shanghai is the birthplace of Haipai culture.

Classic ballet hits the ice

The Imperial Ice Stars have brought ice-skating into a new era and to a new audience in Shanghai.  Read More

Shanghai Girls

They were the first generation of Chinese women to embrace the modern world, becoming icons of style and feminist trail-blazers.  Read More

Real life, online

In a world of mass produced products, customized items are hotly sought after - even in the online world.  Read More

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