Cultural Life

Shanghai is the birthplace of Haipai culture, which combines southern and Western cultures and is what admirers think of as the soul of a city that never sleeps.

The term Haipai (‘Shanghai style’ was coined by a group of Beijing writers, in 1920, as a form of criticism of some Shanghai scholars whose style of writing they considered too admiring of money and Western culture.

Music play to commemorate victory over Fascism

A music drama Shalom Shanghai will be put on stage at the Shanghai Jewish Refugees Museum on Aug 26.  Read More

Cultural Life

Shanghai is the birthplace of Haipai culture.

Enjoy traditional Chinese opera in city

There are some old theaters in the city where you can enjoy the glamor of traditional Chinese culture.  Read More

Exhibition to recall memories of ‘Shanghai Jews’

An Art & Architectural Representation of Jewish Heritage Sites in Shanghai  Read More

Multimedia show highlights Van Gogh’s works

A multimedia show of more than 3,000 paintings of Vincent Van Gogh is held in Shanghai.  Read More

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