Cultural Life

Shanghai is the birthplace of Haipai culture, which combines southern and Western cultures and is what admirers think of as the soul of a city that never sleeps.

The term Haipai (‘Shanghai style’ was coined by a group of Beijing writers, in 1920, as a form of criticism of some Shanghai scholars whose style of writing they considered too admiring of money and Western culture.

Real life, online

In a world of mass produced products, customized items are hotly sought after - even in the online world.  Read More

Cultural Life

Shanghai is the birthplace of Haipai culture.

Taste of nostalgia

A local art critic He Wen used his family heirlooms to evoke a bygone era in a new cafe.  Read More

Revisiting Van Gogh

A high-tech show takes the art legend's work to new dimensions in Shanghai and Beijing.  Read More

A Brave Enterprise

A young impresario of Broadway musicals is set to manifest success both onstage and off.  Read More

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