Winter Fruit-Picking Tour
Updated: 2014-12-11


The recent cold air in Shanghai shows that winter is coming. Jiading district in Shanghai also shows its unique beauty in winter.

The Jiading tourism bureau will recommend a fruit-picking tour to tourists.

Malu Grape Art Village

Though grapes are usually regarded as a summer fruit, they can be picked in winter now. Malu Grape Theme Park began to grow a late-maturing species this year. People can pick fresh Malu grapes at the greenhouses until early January next year. The late-maturing grapes have a couple of varieties. People can enjoy a free entrance to the vineyard before January.

Address: Malu Grape Theme Park (No 29, Dazhi Road, Malu town, Jiading district)

Telephone: 021-59511816

Huating Farm

Strawberries are nutritious and rich in vitamin C. They are good for gastrointestinal and oral health. There are two species of strawberries. One is called Zhangji, or Japan Tianbao. It is sweet, glossy and big in size. It is regarded as the best strawberry variety in Japan. The other is the Hongxia strawberry. It is a hybrid early-maturing variety. The plant is upright with green and oval leaves. The fruit is supple, juicy and fragrant. The species is also popular with strawberry lovers.

Address: Strawberry growing base in Beixin village, Huating town, Jiading district

Transportation: Take a bus Line Jiatanghua to Beixin Village Station.

Telephone: 59975427, 59970515


Hongtaiyuan’s strawberries have already gone into the market. Enjoy a strawberry picking tour and the tasty fruit with your family and friends.

Address: No 3425, Liuxiang Highway, Malu town, Jiading district

Reservation hotlines: 59153218, 59153228

Lijiang Ecological Garden

There are not only fresh strawberries and tangerines at Lijiang Ecological Garden, but also vegetables of different varieties. It is an ideal place for a happy rural tour, where people can enjoy green and healthy food and beautiful landscapes.

Address: No 3330, Jiazhu Highway, Jiading Industrial Zone, Jiading district

Telephone: 021-59968726, 59968688

Nongdeng strawberry

Nongdeng strawberries grow in Dengta village of Jiading Industrial Zone. The village is famous for its strawberries. Since the strawberry is often short in supply, it has adopted a standard agricultural production model. The base also provides picking services for tourists.

Address: Strawberry Picking Base in Dengta village, Jiading Industrial Zone, Jiading district

Telephone: 59969617 – 0

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