Enjoy azalea blossoms in the city
Updated: 2015-04-16


More than 30,000 azaleas are in blossom at Shanghai Binjiang Forest Park in Pudong New Area. [Photo provided to chinadaily.com.cn]

Three major parks of Shanghai will for the first time co-host the city's biggest-ever azalea blossoms festival.

The three parks are all beside the Huangpu River, namely, the Shanghai Fangta Park and Zuibaichi Park in the upstream of the river, as well as the Shanghai Binjiang Forest Park in the downstream.

The full-bloom period of azaleas is from this weekend till the May 1st Labor Day holiday.

Shanghai Binjiang Forest Park

More than 30,000 azaleas will be featured at the flower show at Binjiang Forest Park in Pudong New Area. About 300 species of azaleas will be displayed, including some rare varieties grown in high-latitude mountainous regions.

The park boasts the country’s biggest azalea valley with an area of 10 hectares. Water spray projectors were installed in the valley to create a moist environment favored by azaleas. Wandering in the steamy valley in clusters of pink, red, purple and white azalea flowers seems like walking in a worldly paradise.

This year the park planted an additional 5,500 azaleas along the streams. Visitors can enjoy the azalea shrubs while strolling at the brooks.

Azalea lovers and flower photographers should not miss more than 40 azalea bonsais in the park, many of which are dozens of and even more than a hundred years old.

The Binjiang Forest Park is situated alongside Pudong’s coast where the Huangpu River, Yangtze River and East China Sea join to form one muddy wetland. Covering an area of about 3 million square meters, it is the city’s largest suburban forest park.

The park tries to operate a perfect eco-system and highlight the wildness and the original flavor of nature. It provides a natural green land for visitors, while creating a suburban forest resort by making full use of its nurseries.

8 am to 5:30 pm, April 15 to May 10
3 Gaoshatan, Gaoqiao town, Pudong New Area 上海市浦东新区高桥镇高沙滩3号
Ticket: 20 yuan ($3.3)


Azalea bonsais are exhibited in Binjiang Forest Park, some of which are as old as more than 100 years old. [Photo provided to chinadaily.com.cn]

Zuibaichi Park
The 900-year-old Zuibaichi Park joined the azalea blossoms exhibition this year. Some rare varieties of azalea bonsais from Binjiang Forest Park were moved here to decorate the ancient pavilions and pagodas, adding charm to the elegant garden.

Zuibaichi was built as a private garden for a scholar named Zhu Zhichun in Song Dynasty (960-1279). It is called Zuibaichi which is a whimsical name indicating that if the great poet, Li Bai, would have visited this garden, he would have enjoyed the garden so much that he would forget to leave.

There are many plaques in the garden on which his poetry is inscribed.

7:30am to 7pm, April 18 t0 May 5
64 Renmin Road South, Songjiang district上海市松江区人民南路64号
Ticket: 12 yuan

Shanghai Fangta Park

Fangta Park had hosted azalea blossoms exhibitions several times in the 1980s and 1990s. Now, the ancient park cultivates more than 300 Rhododendron simsii Compacta, an azalea variety introduced in 1978, when the park opened to public. During the azalea festival, the park will display more than 55 varieties of azaleas covering an area of 2,250 sq m.

Fangta Park in the northeastern corner of Songjiang district used to be a busy commercial hub of ancient Shanghai during the Tang (618-907) and Song dynasties. The park takes its name from the landmark fang ta, or the rectangular tower, built in the Song Dynasty (960-1279) and exemplifying style of Tang architecture---grand and imposing, neat and orderly. Visitors can enjoy the azalea bonsais under the tranquil setting of the ancient tower.

6 am to 5 pm, April 18 to May 3
235 Zhongshan Road East, Songjiang district 上海市松江区中山东路235号

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