Fruits of your labor
Updated: 2015-05-08

Shanghai suburbs offer fresh fruit all year round. It is a nice way to hang out with friends and an exciting experience for children. Now is the best season for cherries.

A 667-hectare fruit park in Lvxiang, Jinshan district opened on May 6 and will offer a variety of fruit for city folks to pick. The latest event is a cherry-picking festival that will last until the end of May.

The cherry orchard in Lvxiang town is the largest in suburban Shanghai, occupying more than 6.7 hectares. The trees are about the height of an adult, making it easy to reach the fruit. These local cherries are a bit smaller than imported ones, but just as sweet.


Tourists can pick cherries in the largest cherry orchard in suburb Shanghai [Photo provided to]

The orchard charges an entrance fee of 68 yuan ($11) and you can eat as much as you can. The fruit are charged by weight, selling for 80 yuan per kilogram.

City folk who rarely participate in farm work will find this a very interesting endeavor. Many tourists brought children who cheerfully picked and ate cherries.

Zhao Xiong, head of the cherry planting cooperative in Lvxiang town, said the cherries are free of agrochemicals and can be eaten directly. Tourists can taste the fresh fruits of their own labor and in the meantime save the orchard the cost of hiring pickers.

Lvxiang town has grown more than 20 varieties of fruit, including flat peaches, a famous local species, grapes, blueberries and others, which enable the fruit picking to run through all seasons. Even in winter, tourists can come to pick strawberries.

In addition to fruit picking, there are also relaxing rural activities, such as fishing and paddling. The fruit trees, lakes and farmlands will give you a real picture of rustic life. The park also provides delicious dishes of original rural flavor.


The fruits park in Lvxiang town offers a perfect destination for tourists to pick fruit and enjoy rural life. [Photo provided to]

Fruits Park
3889, Jinshi Road North, Lvxiang town, Jinshan district 金山区吕巷镇金石北路3889号万亩水果公园

Five Do’s and don’ts of fruit picking

1. Bring some band-aids and mosquito repellent in case of wounds and bugs.
2. The best time to pick fruit is before noon.
3. Bring some boxes or cartons to bring the fruit home safely.
4. Bring small scissors, as cutting the fruits from the plants may damage them less than dragging them down and pulling them off.
5. Don’t wear high-heel shoes, as the ground is usually uneven and muddy.

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