If you’d like to experience the prosperity of Shanghai along the Bund or in the Sightseeing Tunnel and the weight of the city’s history in the Jing’an Temple, in just one trip, what you need is a practical itinerary.

And, you may choose from various tours with a natural or historical angle or just getting a peep at Shanghai’s beauty from yet another angle.

Seasonal Routes in Jiading

Jiading district in Shanghai has various views to offer in four seasons.  Read More


Some recommended routes and ways to appreciate Shanghai in just a few days.

Auto Culture Tourist Route

Tour routes offering a taste of Jiading's auto culture.  Read More

Nanxiang Xiaolongbao Tour

Nanxiang Xiaolongbao, or Nanxiang steamed bun, is a traditional local snack featuring thin skin, tender meat and juicy filling.  Read More

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