City’s best cold food in summer
Updated: 2015-04-29

Spring seldom stays long in Shanghai. It seems one day you shed your coat and the next day feels like summer sun and you yearn for something to cool down. introduces several popular cold foods around the city.


Mango ice – Mr. Sweet
The super mango smoothies from the Taiwan dessert shop are made of ice sheets weighing two kilograms, added mango or Oreo cookies.
Price: 28 yuan ($4.6)
1001, F10, 189 Pu’an Road (near Taicang Road), Huangpu district黄浦区普安路189号10楼1001室(近太仓路)


Fruit juice –Fancy Fruit
The tiny 18-square-meter shop refuses to use any additives in its fruit juice. Customers can choose any fruit to blend together, but sugar or honey is not allowed.
Price: 33 yuan
115, Wukang Road, Xuhui district徐汇区武康路115号


Shanghai cold noodles – Siruchun Restaurant
The first and earliest restaurant that sells cold noodle in the city, Siruchun has been recorded in local histories. They discovered the idea of cooling down the noodles with a fan.
Price: 17 yuan
72 Shiquan Road (near Zhenping Road), Putuo district普陀区石泉路72号(近镇坪路)


Soba Cold Noodles – Wenbingwei
Some diners recommended this restaurant as the most genuine Japanese soba in Shanghai.
Price: 60 yuan
79, Songyuan Road (near Guyang Road), Changning district 长宁区宋园路79号(近古羊路)


Ice-cream sticks – Stickhouse
With dazzling flavors and cute shapes, the Italian brand claims its ice-cream sticks are made with fresh vegetables and fruits.
Price: 28 yuan
B2-TK65, Shanghai SML Center, 618 Xujiahui Road徐家汇路618号日月光中心B2-TK65


Watermelon ice spirit – Goo Gong Tan
Diners swarm to the Korean barbecue restaurant not for the roast pork or soy bean soup, but for the watermelon liquor. There is no need to worry: the melted ice cubes and watermelon juice dilute the alcohol.
Price: 58 yuan
F2, 534 Anyuan Road, Putuo district 普陀区 安远路534号2楼


Smoothie beer – AJIYA
The top of the beer is not cream but a smoothie, making the beverage a perfect companion for the roast beef at this Japanese barbecue restaurant.
Price: 25 yuan
F4, 1333 Huaihai Road Middle, Xuhui district 徐汇区淮海中路1333号4楼

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