'Midnight Canteens' in Shanghai
Updated: 2015-08-12

Summer is a season for people to enjoy late night snacks and beers. When people are getting tired of seafood and barbeque, they will miss the drool-inducing local refreshments. Although these local foods are usually served as breakfast, they can also be found in midnight.

Lao Shaoxing Soybean Milk老绍兴豆浆店
Address: 308, Zhaozhou Rd, Huangpu district 黄浦区肇周路309号
Business hour: 21:00 to 4:00 next day


The LaoShaoxing Soybean Milk is a food stall selling “breakfast” in the midnight, which always lures those hungry and greedy night owls. People can enjoy fresh-ground soybean milk and crisp youtiao (deep-fried dough stick) at night whether in summer or winter.

Erguang Wonton 耳光馄饨
Address: 209-213, Zhaozhou Rd, Huangpu district 黄浦区肇周路209-213号
Business hour: 18:00 to 3:30 next day


Like the Lao Shaoxing Soybean Milk, Erguang Wonton is another popular food stall on the Zhaozhou Road. It serves cold wontons with source in summer and warm wonton soup in winter. The wonton, with its delicious filling, is big in size, which can always satisfy those hungry foodies in the midnight.

Aunt Tan’s Fried Pork Chop 谈阿姨炸猪排
Address: 1270, Wanzhen Rd, Putuo district 普陀区万镇路1270号
                 6, Lane 1788, Meichuan Rd, Putuo district 普陀区梅川路1788弄6号
Business hour: 17:00 to 2:00 next day


There is usually a long queue waiting to buy the chop at the restaurant and the customers can always be expressed by the outgoing personality of Aunt Tan, the owner of the restaurant. She adopts the traditional recipe to fry the chop, which tastes tender and delicious. Besides chops, the restaurant also sells fried wonton, spring rolls and fried noodles. The newly-opened branch on the Meicun Road boasts better environment with air conditioners and moreseats.

Chunhe Noodle House 春和面馆
Address: 1081, Changde Rd, Jing’an district (near Anyuan Rd) 静安区常德路1081号(近安远路)
Business hour: 6:00 to 24:00


It is a "canteen" for many drivers in Shanghai, where the food is cheap but delicious and free parking space is available. Even late at night, the restaurant is crowded with customers. Although it does not have a classy dinning environment, the food there tastes as good as of those Shanghai cuisine restaurants. The wide noodles with curry beef soup is recommended by foodies. You will find yourself in a good appetite when seeing those drivers gobbling up everything in the bowl.

Qiaoling Fried Chicken 巧玲炸鸡
Address: 270,Gongkang Rd, Zhabei district (near Sanquan Rd) 闸北区共康路270号(近三泉路)
Business hour: 14:00 to 24:00


Recognized as the best fried chicken in central Zhabei district, Qiaoling Fried Chicken can always make people miss its tender meat, crispy fried skin and special sauce.

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