Unique ways to experience winter in Shanghai
Updated: 2017-01-06

Shanghai, as a city sitting at the mouth of the Yangtze River, is often hit by freezing winds during winter. Despite the frigid climate, native Shanghainese have developed several innate ways to drive away the chill.


It's cozy to bask in the sunshine and walk through the old alleys of Shanghai. [Photo from WeChat account shanghaitourism]

Bask in the sunshine
Best places: Jing'an Villas, Sinan Mansions, Xintiandi, Menghua Street
Whether hiding in the city's old alleys to take a cozy nap, or soaking up the modern atmosphere of Xintiandi, sunshine is always your best friend in winter.


Birds fly overhead as reed catkins dance in the wind. [Photo from WeChat account shanghaitourism]

Enjoy reed catkins and bird-watching
Best places: Dongtan Wetland Park, Xisha National Wetland Park
As an important stop for the migratory birds, Shanghai’s wetlands attract some 290 species, 34 belonging to treasured birds under national protection. The best time for bird watching is from October to March.


Mutton cooked without seasoning is popular among the locals, especially with chopped green onion, soy sauce, vinegar and thick chili sauce. [Photo from WeChat account shanghaitourism]

Eat mutton
Best places: Zhenru town, Zhangqiao village in Jinshanwei town, Jiangqiao town in Jiading district
Authentic Shanghai-style mutton shops are usually hidden in the humble corners of the metropolis. Mutton braised in soy sauce, stir-fried sweetbread, roasted gigot, and steamed goat brain – these dishes are highly ranked local favorites paired with a tasty spirit or rice wine.


Strawberries come into season every winter in Shanghai. [Photo from WeChat account shanghaitourism]

Pick strawberries
Best places: Chongming county, Jinshan, Songjiang, Fengxian and Jiading districts
Lovely red strawberries come into season every winter, bringing sweetness to the chilly days. You can take a trip to the suburbs to pick a basket of strawberries, and sample the local cuisines.


Gardens and afternoon tea are the perfect complement to one another. [Photo from WeChat account shanghaitourism]

Afternoon tea
Best places: Moller Villa, Shanghai Science Hall, InterContinental Hotel, La Petite Fontaine, Ferguson Lane
Gardens and afternoon tea complement one another perfectly. Vast lawns, beautiful furniture and delicate tea sets – the ideal garden afternoon tea is the best winter comfort. You can also try the courtyard cafés, surely to bring you a delightful experience.


Plum blossom and wintersweet are famous for their endurance in the severe winters of Shanghai. [Photo from WeChat account shanghaitourism]

Appreciate wintersweet
Best places: Zhenru Park, Guyi Park, Haiwan Forest Park, Century Park, Shanghai Botanical Garden
The city will be decorated with these yellow-petal flowers recognized as "winter friends" for their endurance against Shanghai's severe winters. Appreciate some, and you'll be inspired by these fragrant fairies.


Shanghainese people are busy buying "New Year necessities". [Photo from WeChat account shanghaitourism]

Special purchases for the Spring Festival
Best places: Nanjing Road, Yuyuan Tourist Mart, Town God's Temple's small commodity market
Shanghainese people are busy buying "New Year necessities" during this time of year. Special purchases for the Spring Festival and decorations are bought in preparation for family gatherings during the traditional Chinese festival beginning on Jan 28 this year.

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