Peculiar tangyuan in Shanghai
Updated: 2017-02-13

Tangyuan – also known as yuanxiao in northern China – are sweet sticky-rice dumplings enjoyed during the Spring Festival. The food symbolizes family reunions and resembles the roundness of the full moon.

Different from the traditional rice balls, intelligent Shanghai residents have developed the snack in a collection of fancier styles.


A bowl of boiled mahjong-shaped tangyuan [Photo from WeChat account shanghaitourism]

Mahjong-shaped tangyuan
Inspired by the popular game mahjong, this tangyuan is the perfect integration of two national favorites. With traditional sweet fillings – black sesame, dates and red beans – the dish brings a sense of satisfaction.


Crispy tangyuan has a golden look, crispy skin and a chewy inside. [Photo from WeChat account shanghaitourism]

Crispy tangyuan
Puffy pastry has long been a favorite of Shanghai residents. After baking at a high temperature, the tangyuan develops a golden look with a crispy skin and chewy inside, bringing about a unique taste.


Golden tangyuan is worthy of its name with a golden skin, golden filling and golden decorations! [Photo from WeChat account shanghaitourism]

Golden tangyuan

Golden tangyuan is worthy of the name. With a golden skin, golden filling and golden decorations – it’s all golden!

The skin is made from corn flour. The filling is made from peanut and salty egg yolk, while the golden decorations are formed from roasted sweet potatoes. A brown sugar soup brings out a mild and mellow flavor.

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