Shanghai Museum of Glass
Updated: 2015-08-17


Shanghai Museum of Glass is perfect for visitors of all ages, with its sparkling and colorful galleries. The main section shows a range of glass artifacts, from ancient to contemporary, classic to avant-garde.

The museum is divided into five exhibition areas - What Is Glass; The Development of Technology; From Daily Life to the Forefront of Science and Technology; Demonstration of Art Creation; and The Hot Glass Workshop.


The entrance of the museum

Here is not just a place for viewing glass - it's also home to an exciting teaching experience. The Hot Glass Performance shows the process of glass-making. In a high temperature stove of above 1,100 degrees, the glass is transformed to create brilliant artworks through softening, blowing, polishing and pressing.

Within the museum, the old glass furnace workshop of the Shanghai Light Industry Glass Co Ltd still stands. The workshop was refurbished by a famous French engineer.


The museum provides many a chance to make DIY glass cups and don’t miss the hot glass show. It takes about three hours to see all the exhibits.

Add: 685, West Changjiang Rd, Baoshan district
Tel: 0086-21-66181970
Time: Tue-Sun: 9:30am-5pm; Sat: 9:30am-9pm
Admission: 48 yuan for adult each; 28 yuan for student each; free for kids under 1.3 meters.


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