Shanghai Museum of Old Camera Manufacturing
Updated: 2015-09-07


The museum, opened in June 2012, is a hidden pearl that lies within the concrete jungle of Shanghai. With today’s modern technology, it takes only a few seconds to take a picture with a smartphone and we can share it with everybody through social media. It was a long road for technology to reach this level, and a visit to this museum allows us to better understand this lengthy procedure.

A visit to this museum means a brief travel through time in order to deepen knowledge about the camera industry in China, which dates back to 1957. The museum not only features a collection of vintage cameras, but also a workshop and a collection of sculptures which are posing for a picture.


There are tools of the camera industry on display as well. These artifacts include the upper and lower lens synchronizer, focus length measuring instrument, camera vibration-proof tester and the 3D camera velocimeter. The comprehensive insight into the camera industry offered by the museum makes it a suitable place for those who seek intellectual leisure on a lazy afternoon. Given the small size of it, a visit to the museum entails only advantages: gaining valuable knowledge in a relatively short amount of time.


308, North Chongqing Rd, Huangpu district  上海市黄浦区重庆南路308号(白玉兰剧场楼下)
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Admission: Free
Opening hours: 10:00 – 16:00 on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday; closed on Monday, Thursday and national holidays

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