Shanghai Guanfu Museum
Updated: 2016-01-06

Shanghai Guanfu Museum, located in the soon-to-open Shanghai Tower, is a new cultural landmark in the city.


Founded in Beijing in 1996 by Ma Weidu, a well-known Chinese connoisseur of antiques, the Guanfu Museum is one of China’s most well-known repositories of art and culture. It has branches in Hangzhou of Zhejiang province and Xiamen of Fujian province.

The Museum has five exhibition halls containing more than 500 artifacts, including ceramic works, gold pieces, antique furniture, Buddha statues and textiles. The ceramics collection is especially impressive as it features works from the Song Dynasty (960-1279) and presents a comprehensive overview of the ceramic arts scene during that age.

Upon exiting the museum, visitors will enter the Baoku Art Center, a space that features a reproduction of an ancient Chinese garden and a public area named “Olive Circle”, designed by Dutch architect Alfonso Wolbert.



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