The possibilities of glass in Shanghai
Updated: 2017-01-22


A large variety of creative gadgets are on display at the Shanghai Glass Museum. [Photo from WeChat account shanghaitourism]

The Shanghai Glass Museum, a place where art and culture are in perfect harmony, is always eager to share the infinite possibilities of glass.

Remodeled from the former Shanghai Glassware Factory, the museum has fostered an appreciation for glass art by inviting a group of young artists to fashion their own creations. Memories of the city's massive industrial transformation still linger throughout the exhibition themed, "Hear the Voice of Glass".

Adhering to the idea that glass can talk, the artists endeavored to show the artistic medium’s other side, creating a large variety of creative gadgets with differing materials, such as steel frames, cement, white ceramics, and wood.

"The process of glass-making conveys genuine and unpredictable fun – trying again and again to come to exactly the right design, or sometimes an unplanned mistake turning out to be a brilliant design," said Tilman Thurmer, co-curator and art director of the museum.

You can come and enjoy these gadgets at No 685, West Changjiang Road in the Baoshan district. The museum boasts five exhibition areas – What Is Glass, The Development of Technology, From Daily Life to the Forefront of Science and Technology, Demonstration of Art Creation and The Hot Glass Workshop.


The Hot Glass Performance shows the process of blowing glass. [Photo from WeChat account shanghaitourism]

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