Shanghai unveils China's first self-service bookstore
Updated: 2018-04-28


A customer scans the QR code at the entrance to enter the Zhida Bookstore, a newly-opened self-service bookstore in Shanghai. [Photo/]

Zhida Bookstore, China's first self-service bookstore, opened in Shanghai on April 23, starting a "New Retailing+" business mode featuring the use of high technology such as facial recognition and automated payment.

Covering nearly 100 square meters, the bookstore houses more than 4,000 books of over 3,000 categories, which is able to satisfy the various needs of readers.

Readers can enter the bookstore via facial recognition. Big data technology is employed to analyze readers' reading preference and habits and recommend suitable books. Payment will be done automatically when readers pass a smart exit capable of object recognition, tracking, and action recognition.

"Zhida Bookstore integrates a traditional business model with new technologies, and its intelligent book recommendation service can give readers a better experience," said Xu Jiong, head of the Shanghai Press and Publication Bureau.

Luo Hong, head of the new bookstore, stated that the bookstore features carefully-selected books, comfortable environment and smart retailing is a successful example of the combination of cybereconomy and cultural resources. It can meet readers' increasing demand for a better lifestyle.


Every book in Zhida Bookstore is equipped with a smart chip, making automated payment possible. [Photo/]

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