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Updated: 2015-03-27


Wandering in a sea of pink has become an annual routine for many Shanghai residents. Photo provided to

For many Shanghai residents, wandering in a sea of pink has become an annual routine during peach blossom season. From later this month to middle April, the 25th Shanghai Peach Blossom Festival gets under way at the four major peach gardens in the Pudong New Area.

The best time for viewing the annual blooms is likely to be between April 4 and 10. Visitors can take a free shuttle bus from outside Metro Line 16’s Huinan, Xinchang and Dishuihu Lake stations. These will run to the sites in the towns of Huinan, Datuan, Xinchang and Laogang, where you can see 3,300 hectares of peach trees.

In the Chinese culture, peach blossoms signify longevity, prosperity and good fortune in love, so admiring them is a popular family outing choice in springtime. The yellow cole flowers, baby-pink-and-white pear blossoms and the green wheat fields form a colorful background of the pink.


Traditional performances are important part of the annual peach blossom festival. Photo provided to

Traditional performances are also staged during the festival, such as leather-silhouette shows, folk performances, lantern shows, matchmaking and cycling events. A photo competition will also be held during the festival.

Out-of-town visitors can stay at the homes of local residents, many of whom offer paid accommodation during the peach-blossom season.

Since 1991, the peach blossom festival has attracted an annual 600,000 tourists from home and abroad. The district has been trying to promote the festival as a brand of local tourism.

The four Peach Gardens:

1. Datuan Peach Blossom Park
Peach growing has been a pastime here for two decades -- making it a good escape for courting couples who want to surround themselves with masses of pink blossoms. During this festival, the garden will hold a large matchmaking event and offer night tours in the peach blossom garden, so that courting couples can enjoy a sweet escape on a romantic night tour, listening to the flow of water amid the mass of pink blossoms.
Add: 888 Zhaoqiao Village Chaichang, Datuan town, Pudong New Area (大团镇赵桥村柴场888号)
Tel: 021-5808-3333, 021-5808-0078
Get there: S2 Daye highroad exit-Daye highroad-Dongda highroad- Datuan Peach Blossom Garden (S2大叶公路出口下-大叶公路-东大公路-大团桃园)

2. Nanhui Peach Blossom Village
Nanhui Peach Blossom Village boasts about 20 varieties of peach blossom covering an area of about 33 hectares. Besides the sea of pink flowers, the garden has prepared a rich variety of events especially for children. The highlight is water activities, including rowing bamboo rafts, fishing as well as a floating children’s park. There will also be a funny sports game of pigs and stilts walk performances.
Add: 289 Beimen Lu, Huinan town, Pudong New Area,惠南镇北门路289号,
Tel: 021-5801-9595,
Get there: G1501 Gongji road exit-Gongji road-Beimen road- Nanhui Peach blossom Village (G1501拱极路出口下-拱极路-北门路-南汇桃花村)

3. Xinchang Peach Garden
The Xinchang Peach Garden is also called water-town peach garden because of the canals running through the area.Visitors can also tour the garden by boat. During the festival, the garden will present lantern shows, butterfly specimens exhibition and local farming tools exhibition.
There is more to check out except for peach blossoms in the area. The Xinchang Ancient Watertown, where the garden is located, is the last well-preserved ancient water town around the city. It has a history of more than 800 years and ancient architectures covering about 150,000 square meters.
Add: opposite to 6968 Hunan highroad, Guoyuan village, Xinchang town (新场镇果园村沪南公路6968号对面)
Get there: S2 Hunan highroad exit-Hunan highroad-Xinchang Ancient Watertown-Xinchang Peach Garden (S2沪南公路出口下-沪南公路-新场古镇—新场桃源)

4. Binhai Peach Garden
This garden presents not only peach blossom of more than 20 varieties of peach trees but also more than 30 varieties of ornamental peach flowers. Visitors can go fishing, barbecue and taste countryside cooking in local rural restaurants, and view folk art performances such as clay-doll making.
Add: 3 Yulan road, Binhai, Laogang town, Pudong New Area老港镇滨海玉兰路3号
Get there: G1501 Dongda highroad exit-Dongda highroad-Lianggang avenue-Binhai Peach Garden (G1501东大公路出口-东大公路-两港大道-滨海世外桃源)

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