Sea of lavender
Updated: 2015-05-11


The Purple Egret lavender garden has more than 10 hectares of lavender fields. [Photo provided to]

Lovers do not have to travel all the way to Provence to roam bright purple fields of lavender. The Purple Egret lavender garden on Shanghai’s Chongming Island can be a wonderful place to enjoy a romantic scene.

As the only love-themed garden in the city, it has more than 10 hectares of lavender fields---a total of 520,000 lavender plants---that are in full bloom by late May. The park’s fifth Lavender Festival, from May 20 to June 20, will treat visitors not only to a purple sea of flowers but also a series of exciting events.

During nights, the park will hold bonfire parties, a romantic circumstance that might inspire single men and women to develop a relationship.

Visitors can feed alpacas in the Purple Egret lavender garden. [Photo provided to]

During the festival, visitors can join a “most romantic lovers” photo competition. Upload your best shots to the website, and you will have a chance to win prizes.

The park has attracted many brides and grooms to take their wedding photos and hold wedding ceremonies. Last year, more than 200,000 people visited the lavender garden. It is expected that the number will double this year.

Purple Egret lavender garden 紫海鹭缘浪漫爱情主题公园
2018, Beiyan High Road, Chongming Island, Shanghai上海崇明岛北沿公路2018号
8am to 8pm, May 20-June 20

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