Jiading Museum unveils cheongsam show
Updated: 2015-07-06


The poster of the exhibition [Photo/jiading.gov.cn]

As an essential part of the Chinese costume culture, cheongsam, or qipao, with its long history, embodies the Chinese civilization and the beauty and elegance of the oriental women.

Charm of Cheongsam, an exhibition showing 100-year history of Shanghai cheongsam, is being held at the new pavilion of the Jiading Museum from July 1 to August 24.

Since the city was opened to foreign trade as a treaty port in 1843, it has formed special cheongsam culture under the mixed influence of the Chinese and Western culture.


The exhibition is held at the new pavlion of the Jiading Museum. [Photo/jiading/gov.cn]

This exhibition, jointly organized by the Jiading Museum and Shanghai History Museum, has four parts, showing continuous changes cheongsam was subjected to as fashion in different ages dictated, as well as the aesthetic and social values that the Shanghai Cheongsam represents.

Apart from the exhibition, the museum will hold a cheongsam lecture as well as some DIY activities to teach children to make cloth buttons for cheongsams.

Jiading Museum
B1, No 215, Bole Road, Jiading district, Shanghai
8:00 am to 4:30 pm, July 1 – Aug 24
0086-21- 59928800

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