Festive delights to be discovered at Yuyuan Garden
Updated: 2016-02-04

Shanghai’s iconic Yuyuan garden has been lit up in New Year splendor as colorful lights and festive Chinese lanterns illuminate Shanghai’s ancient forbidden city.


Yuyuan Garden Spring Festival Lantern Show from Feb 1 to 25 is one the best activities for people to enjoy the Spring Festival in Shanghai. [Photo/shanghaitourism]

As the spectacular glowing lanterns sway in the night air, visitors can take part in the many interesting folk activities and learn about local customs for the celebration of the most important Chinese festival.

This year’s Yuyuan Garden Spring Festival Lantern Show has already begun and will last until Feb 25. The highlight of show is the lantern set in the central square themed “Monkey King blessing the upcoming Year of Monkey”.


An eight-meter-high lantern featuring the image of a monkey, which is the zodiac animal of 2016, comes from one of the four great classic Chinese novels Journey to the West. [Photo/shanghaitourism]

In addition, visitors should not miss the many local delicacies and refreshments on sale at Yuyuan. A variety of delicious, hot snacks such as the steamed dumplings, sesame biscuits, begonia cake and stinky tofu will warm and soothe your appetite in the cold winter air.


Visitors should not miss the delicious snacks at Yuyuan Garden. [Photo/shanghaitourism]


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