Colorful summer in Shanghai
Updated: 2016-07-29

Which color best represents summer in Shanghai? Sky blue, lotus pink, or maybe sunflower gold? I assume Shanghai is colorful in summer.

Green: Dongping National Forest Park


Address: Dongping National Forest Park, Chongming county

The Dongping National Forest Park, home to green trees and fresh air, is the largest man-planted plain forest in East China and is suitable to visit more than 300 days a year. Its summer daily temperature is usually two to three degrees lower than the other parts of the city, which makes it a good place to stay cool and rest.

You can just lie down in cozy grassland with the sun and breeze bathing over you, go for a walk along the trails, or take a train across the forest. You can also enjoy leisure activities such as driving bumper cars, riding horses and canoeing and kayaking. If tired, you can take a break in one of the barbecues or coffee shops in the park.

Gold: sunflower blossom at Xinyi Villa


Address: Xinyi Villa, Xinyi village, Fengjing town, Jinshan district

The sunflower blossoms, elaborately placed by the Xinyi Villa, cover an area of 2.3 hectares, the largest sunflower planted area in Jinshan district.

Under the clear sky and in the bright sunshine, the golden flowers wave gently with the wind, a delightful and beautiful sight.

Pink: Xinbang Lotus Festival


Address: Xinbang county Lotus Planting Base, Xuelanghu Lake Ecological Garden, Songjiang district

The Xinbang Lotus Festival is being held from July 8 to Aug 28 in Xinbang county, Songjiang district, a county with a 1,500-year history of lotus planting.

With a planting area of more than 60 hectares, the festival provides guests with over 160 species of lotus, including about 50 kinds of water lily. The visitors can get in touch with the flowers through farm lanes, and enjoy taking pictures among them.

Blue: Moon Lake Sculpture Park


Address: Sheshan National Tourist Resort, Songjiang district

Located in the Sheshan National Tourist Resort, the Moon Lake Sculpture Park is an art paradise integrating contemporary sculpture, natural and cultural landscape and recreational facilities.

The park boasts over 60 sculptures from masters from across the world. With a lake as its center, the guest area is divided into spring, summer, autumn and winter themes, showing the charms of the four seasons.

Purple: Zihailuyuan Love Theme Park


Address: No. 2018 Beiyan Highway, Chongming county

Besides the renowned sea of lavender, the verbena, clary sage and cosmos are also very appealing, and add more romance to the scenery. Numerous recreational activities are available, such as fishing, bike-riding and some interactive games. You can also just sit on the grassland or rest in your tent at night, counting stars with your beloved.

Red: Shouning Road, Huangpu district


The best food in summer is crayfish and the best place for crayfish must be Shouning Road, which bustles with barbecues, seafood and beer every summer.

There are various flavors, ranging from spicy to curry and salt and pepper -- there definitely will be one to delight your appetite.

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