Smallest attractions in city
Updated: 2016-11-04

Shanghai loves big things. The city seems to be home to the world's biggest everything, from the world's largest Lego store to the world's longest spiral escalator.

Tired of all this bigness? Here are some of Shanghai's smallest attractions, where you can go to escape all the massive buildings outside.


The smallest museum – Shanghai Chopsticks Museum

For Lan Xiang, the museum's curator, chopsticks are more than a kind of tableware; they are a set of etiquette and customs. Opened in 1988, the museum displays over 800 types and 1,200 pairs of chopsticks made of bamboo, wood, metal, jade and ivory. Some of them can even be dated back to the Ming (1368-1644) and Qing (1644-1912) dynasties.

Address: 191 Duolun Road, Hongkou district
Admission: Free; telephone booking required


The smallest garden – Yiyuan Garden

Built in the Wanli era (1573–1619) of the Ming Dynasty, the garden covers an area of only 1,333 square meters, making it the smallest garden in Shanghai. But it is also ranked as one of the city's most famous parks, being fully decorated with rockeries, ponds, pavilions, terraces and towers.

Address: 1172 West Songhui Road, Songjiang district


The smallest library - MeLibrary

Hidden in an apartment building, the library is packed with various books and magazines. Readers can enjoy a peaceful afternoon here, sitting on a tatami mat, sampling a cup of tea, and playing with the library's many cat "librarians".

Address: Room 101, No 122 Longshan Xin Cun, Xuhui district


The smallest café – Manner Café

Different from common cafés, Manner Café is more of a coffee window – a bench for customers, a coffee machine and two grinders, which comprise the two-square meter shop.

Manner is very popular, especially among the younger generation, not only for the mellow tastes, but also its reasonable prices. A small latte is 15 yuan, a large one is 20 yuan, and if you bring your own cup you can enjoy a 5 yuan discount.

Address: 205 Nanyang Road, Jing’an district
Opening hours: from 8:00 am to 7:00 pm, Monday to Sunday

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