New country park to offer oasis in Shanghai
Updated: 2017-07-27


A bird view of the Pujiang Country Park in Minhang district, Shanghai. The 15.29-square-kilometers park will open on a trial operation later this month. [Photo by Fan Jun/Xinhua]

A new suburban park inviting Shanghai residents to escape from the urban hustle and bustle and immerse themselves in the tranquility of nature will open on a trial basis later this month.

The Pujiang Country Park, located in the Minhang district with the Huangpu and Dazhi rivers running across it, will open about one-third of its 15.3 square kilometers in its first stage, which will consist of five themed areas: forest, flowers, agriculture, riverbank and water.

A 34-meters-tall Castle of Flower Fairies is definitely the highlight of the first-stage construction which, by decorating the building's walls with various flowers, will present vivid colors with the change of seasons.


A well-sculptured tree in the park. About one-third of the park is opened as the first stage, with five themed areas featuring forest, flower, agriculture, riverbank and water. [Photo by Fan Jun/Xinhua]

"We were inspired by the dreamy castles in folk stories where fairy queens usually live," said Zhu Tieliang, manager of the construction program.

He also explained that the best time to enjoy the park is from September to October.

"Maple leaves, gingko trees and osmanthus flowers will adorn the park, turning it into a romantic and colorful destination in autumn," Zhu said.

Aside from the beautiful natural landscape, the park features several historical and cultural elements. For instance, the 600-year-old Duhang ancient town and some original villages where more than 2,000 households live. They have maintained their original country lifestyle, while some operate small businesses in the township.

Visitors are advised to take the Metro Line 8 at Shendu Road Station since only 5,000 parking spots will be open during the trial period. More parking lots and shuttle bus services will be available when the park officially opens in October.


Two workers are busy preparing for the trial operation of the park. [Photo by Fan Jun/Xinhua]

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