Student Stories

Students come here from many different countries for a wide range of disciplines, but they all have one thing in common — study in Shanghai, China’s most attractive and alluring modern city.

Students share their stories about their life in Shanghai, the happiness, the experiences, as well as the problems they encounter. So, if diverse cultures are what interest you or you’re crazy about the Chinese language, why not join them? Shanghai’s your best choice.
35 student stories

  • Country: Vietnam
  • Institute: ECUST

As most of the boys in the world, I prefered to play games, play sports, read comic books, and skipped class than studying. I didn’t think too much for the future until I met such a good chance and it suddenly changed my life forever.Read More

  • Country: Chad
  • Institute: ECUST

When I was in high school, go to college is my dream. Now I realize my dream. excited as I am, the first time I see my college.Read More

  • Country: Laos
  • Institute: University of Electronic Power

多年前,有关中国的影视节目早已经传入了我们国家,这些优秀的影视作品使我对中国的文化了初步的了解。Read More

  • Country: Vietnam
  • Institute: University of Electronic Power

2012年8月3日,是我这辈子最难忘的日子,是我第一次乘飞机,我的双脚也第一次踏上上海的土地。期待已久的留学生活也就此开始了!Read More

  • Country: Sweden
  • Institute: International College of Culture

I have been studying Chinese with SICC for three months and looking back I have made considerable progress in many ways.Read More

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