Shanghai Educational Academy
Updated: 2015-03-19

Approval Time of Establishment: Dec, 1995

Registered address of school: Room 501, Floor 5, Lane 55 South Shuicheng Road, Shanghai

Postal: 201103

Principal: 饭田慎一
Director of Admission: 户谷仁郎
Tel: 021-62098793

Shanghai Educational Academy got ratification by SMEC as a private school (supplemental learning center) in Shanghai. We have more than 200 Japanese students from Grade 1 to 12. Teachers are all Japanese university graduates and experienced in teaching Japanese students in Japan. They are all professionals who are trained as experts on each field.

We have networks with many schools in all parts of Japan and can offer our students with plenty of information, and appreciate instructions, so that our students can pass the entrance examinations of junior, senior high schools or universities in Japan. For sake of students who have high achievement level, we make business tie-up with SAPIX and Yotsuya-Otsuka, which have headquarters in Tokyo and are very famous high-level learning centers. We offer them with high level lessons with the same textbooks and tests in Tokyo.

We keep communication with each family, so we hold consultations involving teachers and parents, parents meetings, and lectures about education periodically. We also provide proper courses with students based on reciprocal confidence with parents.

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