Toshin International Afterschool
Updated: 2015-03-19

Approval Time of Establishment: Dec 28, 2003

Registered address of school: No. 230, Lane 1883, Huamu Road, Pudong New District, Shanghai

Postal: 201204

Director of Admission: 安藤太郎
Tel: 38921071 / 62700477

Enrollment Range
Age 5 to 18

Charge Standard
400 yuan per subject per month

Admission Tel:

We bring up our students into abilities to distinguish, to learn and to act interpersonal skills. Our educational goal is to cultivate the international talented students, having the mind to observe and act by themselves. This school program is for the students of any level, and for those who are returnee students who are willing to learn in advance lessons, to those who will undergo into entrance examination. It could be a good preparation and a big help for them to pass the entrance examination.Moreover, we offer to those students who are lacking in knowledge about the experiential learning such as Science Experiment using normal instrument; Experimental Mathematic using original teaching materials; Abacus, Short Essay, Composition, Speed Reading.

In addition, we can take great advantage of the unique Toshin global educational networks spreading over Tokyo, Chiba,Beijing, Shanghai, Taipei and supply more substantial educational services and information than Japan.

The wide various courses in Toshin International "Afterschool" meet different levels students’ specific needs for lessons. And each lesson is divided into various groups. First, "the small class group" made up of 8 to 12 students. It emphasizes for students to develop & motivate their abilities. Second, "The variety class group" is to focus on "corresponding teaching materials and progress, to develop students’ abilities on understanding, to overcome difficulties and to put into practice of what they have learned". Third: "The one on one lesson" we offer students a specific lesson in accordance to their specific needs. It is suitable for middle school and high school students.


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