Shanghai Qinghai Korea Academy
Updated: 2015-03-19

Approval Time of Establishment: Nov, 1999

Registered address of school: Room 705, No.37, South Shuicheng Road, Shanghai

Postal Code: 201103

Principal: 金永哲
Director of Admission: 金永哲
Tel: 62702730/62702728
Fax: 62702664


Enrollment Range
Age12 to 18

Charge Standard
2,500 yuan for elementary school students
3,000 yuan for junior high school students
3,500 yuan for senior high school students

Admission Tel: 021-62702730, 021-62702728, 021-62702723
Fax: 021-62702664

The Purpose of school is to offer students of Korean Nationality supplementary lessons. New students invited are living in Shanghai legally and consist of elementary, middle and high students.

Our school was established with the approval for the council of education in Shanghai in 1999. After that, school made a start in November. This institute has offered supplementary lessons to elementary,middle and high students of the age group between age 12 and 18, but students are required to take admission through passing an examination. We use textbooks approved by the Ministry of Education in Korea, including teaching materials developed in the school. The course of study in our school is suitable for that.

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