Shanghai Sundai School
Updated: 2015-03-19

Approval Time of Establishment: March 27, 2003

Registered Address of School: No. 2633, West Yan’an Road, Shanghai

Postal Code:

Principal: 施顺龙
Director of Admissions: 岡田友樹

Tel: 62098833

Enrollment Range

Grade 1 to 12

Charge Standard
1,400 to 2,400 yuan for each semester

Admission Tel: 021-62098833

Shanghai Sundai School (including Pudong), has 18 classrooms, 2 science experience rooms and 2 self-study halls, with full-time lecturers experienced in each subject, providing guidance to students with enthusiasm every day. It is 6 years now since the opening of the school, with a total of 620 students ranging from grade 2 to grade 9 studying daily.

Sundai was founded by Toshiharu Yamazaki in Tokyo, and has a history of 90 years. In Japan, most people have the impression of Sundai as "a large national-scale preparatory school", or "a high level preparatory school that has high results in university entrance examinations starting from Tokyo University and other famous universities with high barriers".

Sundai has 31 schools In Japan, and also has a total of 7 overseas schools in Shanghai, Pudong, Suzhou, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and Michigan. This SUNDAI network of domestic and international schools has a tremendous amount of entrance exam information, and so can give students accurate guidance counseling based on it. This is the reason SUNDAI can provide good quality and high level lessons, resulting in numerous students passing the entrance examinations of high-ranking private and public universities every year constantly. SUNDAI is proud to say they are the leading role in this field, and have no rivals among other competitors.

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