Preparation for HSK
Updated: 2014-02-26

The HSK is not based on any particular textbook or course. Candidates may refer to any textbook to prepare for the test. Candidates read the HSK Test Syllabus carefully, a guide for pre-test preparation, which contains an introduction to the HSK, a sample HSK test paper and the key, HSK glossary and a CD of sample listening questions.

To be admitted to the test room, every examinee will be required to present their admission ticket and a photo-bearing ID certificate (ID card, passport or residence permit). No candidate will be allowed to enter the test room without afore-mentioned two pieces of evidence. Candidates whose admission ticket is missing can only be admitted to the test room when the ticket gets reissued (with handling charges). Tape recorders, cameras, dictionaries, notebooks, textbooks and other unnecessary objects must not be taken into the room. Mobile phones and MP3 should be switched off and put inside bags, to be placed at an area designated by test givers.

Candidates arriving five minutes late (since the start of listening comprehension test) may be admitted to the testing room and start the test right away. If examinees are 5 to 35 minutes late for the test, they may not start until the next section begins and no extra test time would be offset for late arrivals. Thirty-five minutes after the beginning of the exam, no candidates will be admitted to the test room.


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