Registration Procedures
Updated: 2014-02-26

(1) Candidates shall bring two recent 30 x 40 mm photos without headwear when registering and present a photo-bearing identification, such as a passport or residence permit.

(2) Candidates must pay fees for the test and registration. In China, it is 200 yuan for HSK Basic (including 70 yuan for registration); 250 yuan for HSK Elementary-Intermediate (including 70 yuan for registration) and 400 yuan for HSK Advanced (including 70 yuan for registration) (as fees to be paid in other countries or by students of ethnic minorities, please contact local test centers). Fees for the test and registration are non-refundable. And postage is included. When a candidate cannot take the test in time due to insurmountable reasons and notifies in advance the test center at which he registered before the test date, with approval of the center (with the signature and stamp of the center), one test opportunity will be retained for the candidate and he or she will only pay the registration fee if they take the next test in the future.

(3) Candidates living where there are no local test centers may register by mail. Applications must be sent to the test center by registered mail and at least one week before the final registration deadline and enclose a photocopy of an official piece of identification, resume (including Chinese and English names, sex, nationality, date of birth), mailing address and two recent 30 x 40 photos without head wear. Fees for the test and registration shall be remitted to the registration site by post. No telephone registration will be accepted. The admission ticket will be given to the candidate in person upon their arrival.

(3) Candidates will be given the admission ticket and the HSK User Handbook. Candidates should take the exam according to the time and place specified on the admission ticket.


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