Making an impact on the world stage 2018-05-21

NYU Shanghai's efforts to cultivate talent with worldly perspectives pay off, with many of its students set to take up positions in global organizations

Kenyan university delegation visits Shanghai on exchange trip 2018-05-21

A delegation led by Abel Kinoti, dean of the School of Business at Riaia University, Kenya, visited Shanghai Polytechnic University on May 15.

Cross-Straits students exchange art and design ideas 2018-05-21

A group of 15 students and teachers from Chaoyang University of Technology, Taiwan visited Shanghai Polytechnic University on May 6 to 12.

Overseas Chinese explore their roots in Shanghai 2018-05-18

A group of 30 overseas students with Chinese ethnicity toured around Shanghai from May 11 to 13.

Charming Shaoxing enchants overseas students 2018-05-18

A group of 130 overseas students from Fudan University took a trip to Shaoxing, Zhejiang province on May 12 and 13 to learn more about its profound culture.

When US students met Chinese architecture 2018-05-17

Fifteen students from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in the US completed their cultural and architectural training session at Tongji University, Shanghai on May 5.

Students go 'Silk Road' orienteering 2018-05-14

Chinese and international students from Shanghai Jiao Tong University came together to compete in a Silk Road-themed campus orienteering event on April 21.

Local fashion education pays of as students impress at SFW 2018-05-14

International exposure is an essential element in the education of China's homegrown designers.

University in Shanghai launches driverless bus service on campus 2018-05-10

Shanghai Jiao Tong University has launched a trial run of a driverless minibus service on its campus in Shanghai's Xuhui district.

Shanghai Dianji University opens center in San Francisco 2018-05-10

Shanghai Dianji University on Tuesday opened an international center in San Francisco to strengthen cooperation and exchanges with US universities.

Overseas students fill campus with table tennis fever 2018-05-10

The ping pong competition for international students at Fudan University started on April 18, firing up campus sports fever.

Fudan opens annual entrance exam for foreign students 2018-05-09

Fudan, a prestigious university, initiated a written entrance exam for high school graduates on April 29 and 30.

A brief look into Sino-Indonesia, Japan and S Korea cultural exchanges 2018-05-09

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang is paying a visit to Indonesia as this year marks the 68th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Indonesia.

Talented foreign graduates like China, but there's a catch 2018-05-09

Companies want them, but regulations can be a hindrance to many in search of their dream.

Tea party preludes SJTU homestay season 2018-05-07

Shanghai Jiao Tong University recently held a tea party for international students and host families.

Overseas students visit classical garden, try juicy xiaolongbao 2018-05-03

International students from Fudan University took a one-day trip to Guyi Garden, the largest of Shanghai’s five classical Chinese gardens, on April 14.

Fudan students participate in a badminton competition 2018-05-03

The International Exchange School at Fudan University launched a badminton competition on April 12 to enrich the overseas students' campus lives.

Speaking in one language 2018-05-03

Zeynep Kucuk from Turkey was giving a Mandarin class to six international students and teaching them how to use the Chinese phrase "yibian ..., yibian".

SJTU students sing and dance in warm spring 2018-05-02

Some 80 Chinese and overseas students from Shanghai Jiao Tong University held a lawn party on April 27, singing and dancing for the warm spring season.

Intl students blend fashion and culture 2018-04-28

The second International Student Fashion Design Competition concluded at Donghua University, Shanghai, on April 26.

Shanghai university, Purdue celebrate 10 years of collaboration 2018-04-28

Shanghai Jiao Tong University and the US-based Purdue University celebrated 10 years of collaboration on April 16.

Fudan students visit local bank 2018-04-28

Some 40 international students and teachers from Fudan University, Shanghai, recently took a field trip to the local Bank of Communications.

Shanghai university launches incentive to attract high-profile talents 2018-04-28

The Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine issued an incentive on April 20 to attract and retain top post-doctoral researchers from home and abroad.

Get to know the Chinese green card in a minute 2018-04-27

China introduced a more flexible, pragmatic and market-oriented regulation on permanent residence for foreigners.

Get to know the Chinese green card in a minute 2018-04-27

China introduced a more flexible, pragmatic and market-oriented regulation on permanent residence for foreigners.

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