The Shanghai International Students' Dragon Boat Race
Updated: 2014-06-11


 Editor's note

Shanghai held its annual international students' dragon boat race, on June 7, on the Tong Hai Lake, with the East China Normal University team bringing the fastest time,followed closely by Fudan team, in second, and Tongji in third place. 

Let's recall the intense but enjoyful moments, and hear what participants say about the race.


The Shanghai dragon boat race has been an annual way to celebrate the country’s dragon boat festival, since 2008, with hundreds of international students getting involved. This year, the 200-meter race attracted a total of 25 teams representing 26 Shanghai universities, and two more than last year.

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 What they say


It was race time at the East China University of Science and Technology, with a team from Fudan pitted against rival teams at Tong Hai Lake, and Fudan’s leader, Shen Weimin, watching the race from the sidelines with a furrowed brow.

In the story, Shen talks about the school's passionate race team, the difficulties it faces and its future.

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The organizer of the event, Jin Weiguo, spoke with the Study-in-Shanghai website and described the event background, its unique characteristics, and the development strategy of the race.

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 "We are the champions!"



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