Welcome new classmates!
Updated: 2014-10-08
By Wang Zhen and Zhong Xinyuan (chinadaily.com.cn)


Editor’s note  

Welcome new classmates!  

The convocation ceremony is a good occasion for helping those who have just set foot in a strange new place better understand university culture, give them a sense of community, and more important, get them of think seriously about what they can achieve in the coming years, even though they’re living in a foreign country. At the ceremony, the head of the school often describes the university’s history and its spirit, and say what he or she expects of the freshmen. 

The following are few excerpts:


“What matters to a unviersity is not simply its existence, but the spirtis embedded there.”

“A university produces knowledge and promotes the concept of humanism.” 

“We hope our fellow students to be able to face the challenges that all human beings are facing particularly in the environment and energy resources.” 

Pei Gang, president, Tongji University, at the 2014 postgraduate convocation ceremony


“The University opens a door for you to knowledge and truth and I think foreign language is the key.”

“We’re ready to help you solve puzzles, but ultimately you should be able to raise questions and seek answers yourself.”

“Karl Marx said, “A foreign language is a weapon in the struggle of life.” He began studying Russian at the age of 50, and found it joyful to read Alexander Pushkin, the great poet. So, mastering a foreign lanuage is a happy thing.”

Jiang Feng, Party secretary, Shanghai International Studies University, at 2014 undergraduate convocation ceremony 


“What concerns me most is whether you can make a transformation at college from being dependent to being independent, from being spoon-fed to being self-motivated, and from simply following others to being critical about everything, given the utilitarianism of society.”

“Walking on the road to dreams is a happy thing in life.”

“I think a university should dedicate itself to broadening one’s vision, developing a sound personality, and cultivating the ability to learn and think critically.”

Zhang Jie, president, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, at 2014 undergraduate convocation 


“University education is not just for imparting knowledge; it is also for teaching students the doctrines of life.”

“Teachers preach and students enlighten through exploration and self-transcendence to understand the responsibility they shouldering for the country and the people.”

Yang Yuliang, president, Fudan University, at 2014 undergraduate convocation  

“You will meet people who teach you how to live, how to laugh, and how to love.”

Roxanne Roman, student body president, Shanghai New York University, at new comers’ orientation


“Along with East China Normal University’s motto, ‘Creativity, Character and Community’, our students need to follow the three Ns, Normative, Novelty, Networking, in academic research.”

“And they need to keep the three Es, ‘Equity, Excellence and Elegance’, in mind when serving others and society.”

Tong Shijun, Party secretary, East China Normal University, at student orientation session

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