Slush to take place in Shanghai 2017-08-17

Slush, an international tech event, is going to be held in Shanghai from Oct 12 to 13.

Intl students explore ancient and modern aspects of Beijing 2017-08-16

Twenty-seven overseas students studying at Tongji University in Shanghai embarked on a trip to Beijing, China’s political, economic and cultural hub, from July 8 to 12.

Project Go concludes at SHU 2017-08-16

The Project Go program, where 21 students from the University of Mississippi attended held a closing ceremony at Shanghai University on August 11.During the two

2017 Shanghai Summer School 2017-08-15

Shanghai Summer School (3S) is a scholarship program launched by Shanghai Municipal Education Commission as a window for international cooperation.

Shanghai students win 'robot World Cup' 2017-08-14

China claimed its first victory in an international soccer tournament on July 30 with a thumping 2-1 victory over a talented German side in the final in Nagoya, Japan.

Overseas students celebrate China-ASEAN Week 2017-08-08

Thousands of overseas students and officials attended a party in Guiyang, Guizhou province, on July 27 to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the China ASEAN Education Cooperation Week.

SUS holds closing ceremony for overseas students 2017-08-08

Some 40 overseas students finished their one-month summer school studies at the Shanghai University of Sports on July 31.

Tongji students brainstorm future urban planning in Finland 2017-08-08

The 2017 Tongji on Tracks, a summer camp inviting students from Tongji University to go abroad and brainstorm on various topics, opened in Finland on July 31.

Overseas students get close with China's maritime history 2017-08-04

Dozens of overseas students from Shanghai Jiao Tong University visited ports and a museum in Shanghai on July 8 to learn about China's maritime development.

Overseas students enjoy Chinese culture in Shanghai 2017-08-03

Overseas students partaking in a 2017 Shanghai Summer School program spent a week immersed in Chinese language and culture.

China, UK masterminds eye intelligent robotics 2017-08-01

The first China-UK Intelligent Robotics Forum saw scientist, engineers and business representatives eye challenges and opportunities of intelligent robotics at Fudan University on July 4.

Students from BRICS countries explore cultural ties at Shanghai summer school 2017-08-01

The BRICS program of the 2017 Shanghai Summer School opened at Fudan University on July 6.

Foreign students experience China's political and legal culture 2017-07-31

The Chinese political science and legal culture program of the 2017 Shanghai Summer School closed at the East China University of Political Science and Law on July 14.

Oceanian program rounds off at Shanghai university campus 2017-07-31

The 2017 Shanghai Summer School bid farewell to its Oceanian program at Shanghai University of International Business and Economics on July 14.

Intl students: Chinese operas' charming, elegant, and skillful 2017-07-28

The Chinese opera program of the 2017 Shanghai Summer School concluded at the Shanghai Theatre Academy on July 6.

Global youths brainstorm on future energy 2017-07-26

The Youth Innovation Competition on Global Governance ended in Astana, capital of Kazakhstan on July 11.

Intl students experience food safety in Shanghai 2017-07-25

A group of foreign youngsters studying at Tongji University in Shanghai took a one-day tour around the city to delve into Shanghai's current developments in food safety on July 13.

Overseas Chinese youngsters immersed in traditional culture in Jiading 2017-07-24

A group of 50 overseas Chinese youngsters visited Jiading district of Shanghai on July 6, with the aim of experiencing traditional Chinese culture and gaining a better understanding of China.

Culinary program concludes, as pleasant flavors linger 2017-07-21

The Chinese culinary program of the 2017 Shanghai Summer School closed at Shanghai Polytechnic University on July 9.

Youth camp attracts international teens with Chinese culture 2017-07-21

The 13th Shanghai International Youth Interactive Friendship Camp kicked off on July 19 at the Oriental Land in Shanghai.

SISU hosts scholarship program for foreign students 2017-07-20

Over 70 foreign students from 21 countries recently attended a three - day getaway to Anhui Province. Hosted by Shanghai International Studies University (SISU)

Intl students: studying traditional Chinese medicine valuable and enjoyable 2017-07-19

The traditional Chinese medicine program of the 2017 Shanghai Summer School closed at the Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine on July 14.

Experiencing harmony of mind and body through archery 2017-07-18

A group of overseas students partaking in the 2017 Shanghai Summer School experienced China’s art of archery at the Shanghai University of Sport on July 10.

Overseas students savor Chinese flavors 2017-07-14

A brief review of the students’ fourth week lives at the Chinese culinary program of 2017 Shanghai Summer School from July 4 to 9.

Intl Students mastering Chinese cuisine at Shanghai school 2017-07-13

A brief review of the students’ third week lives at the Chinese culinary program of 2017 Shanghai Summer School from June 27 to July 3.

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