SISU international students take Shanghai historical and cultural tour 2015-10-23

International students of Shanghai International Studies University, who are granted Confucius Institute Scholarship this year, visited some famous sightseeing spots in Shanghai.

Universities invite more students from 'Belt & Road' countries 2015-10-22

Universities in Shanghai are opening their doors to students from the countries of Belt and Road Initiative by providing specific courses and programs.

Shanghai Government Scholarships increase drastically 2015-10-21

Shanghai Municipal Education Commission has recently increased stipends given to foreign students, who study in Shanghai, under the Shanghai Government Scholarship scheme.

Foreign students experience Chinese fashion 2015-10-20

Donghua University, which offers specialized textile and fashion design studies, held a traditional Chinese costume program for the 2015 Shanghai Summer School that was held from July 13 to Aug 7.

Making mooncakes at Moon Festival 2015-10-16

The International Education College at Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine organized a mooncake-making activity for foreign students on Sept 29.

Tongji hosts activities to celebrate Confucius Institute Day 2015-10-15

The international school of Tongji University in Shanghai recently held a series of activities to celebrate the annual Confucius Institute Day that falls on Sept 27.

NYU Shanghai showcases Han Dynasty culture 2015-10-15

NYU Shanghai held a fashion show highlighting Han Chinese culture on Oct 8.

SISU joins Confucius China Studies Program to recruit international students 2015-10-13

The Confucius Institute Headquarters announced that Shanghai International Studies University recently became one of the 16 member universities of the newly-launched "Confucius China Studies Program".

Indonesian students receive training on port management 2015-10-13

Twenty-four students from Indonesia took part in a training program on “ports business and management” at the Shanghai Maritime University from Sept 21 to 25.

Shanghai Uni delegation on Nanjing history education tour 2015-10-10

A delegation of 38 foreign and Chinese students and teachers from Shanghai University took a cultural trip to Nanjing on Sept 19-20.

Paying a visit to China Maritime Museum 2015-10-10

In a bid to enrich new foreign students' China experience, Shanghai Ocean University organized a visit to the China Maritime Museum in Shanghai.

Introducing yourself in Chinese 2015-10-10

The international cultural exchange school of the Shanghai Ocean University held on Sept 28 a Chinese oral self-introduction competition in order to improve the language proficiency and enrich the extracurricular life of foreign students.

ECNU launches master in education for developing countries 2015-10-08

ECNU has commenced its 2015-16 Master in Education Program for Developing Countries on Sept 10.

Shanghai university welcomes foreign students 2015-09-30

Shanghai Jiao Tong University saw nearly 300 new foreign students arriving on Sept 12.

Fudan University among Top 100 global rankings 2015-09-30

Fudan University in Shanghai has joined the Top 100 again in the World University Rankings from Quacquarelli Symonds, which came out on Sept 15.

Shanghai foreign student orchestra goes professional 2015-09-28

The Shanghai Conservatory of Music's traditional Chinese orchestra consisting of 11 students from Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam and four other countries, received a bronze medal.

Sino-Japanese summer camp for cultural exchange 2015-09-25

The Confucius Institute at Japan's J.F. Oberlin University held a Chinese language summer camp at Tongji University in Shanghai, Aug 6 - Sept 2.

A journey to explore TCM in Shanghai 2015-09-23

A group of university students from France took part in a cultural exchange activity at Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine on Sept 16.

Close encounter with TCM, Kongfu 2015-09-22

An English salon on the theme of traditional Chinese medicine and Kongfu was held at the Shanghai No.10 People’s Hospital on Sept 10.

Mexican music exchange at SCM 2015-09-18

Shanghai Conservatory of Music (SCM) held a Mexican music event on Sept 14.

Students lectured on traditional Chinese medicine 2015-09-18

A teacher from Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine recently gave a lecture to foreign students at the Shanghai Ganquan Foreign Languages Middle School.

SJTU listed among top 70 in global ranking 2015-09-16

SJTU has been listed among the top 70 in QS World University Rankings with 7 subjects taught at the university also ranking among the World Top 50 and 18 subjects ranking in the World Top 100 category.

New rules to ensure campus food safety 2015-09-16

Publicizing food safety information will be regulated from Oct 1 this year, in an effort to protect Shanghai students from food safety issues.

SISU elected to Board of Directors of Silk-Road University Network 2015-09-15

Shanghai International Studies University was elected to the Board of Directors of the newly-founded Silk-Road University Network.

STJU appeals to talented foreign students 2015-09-15

Shanghai Jiao Tong University, one of the leading universities in China, has attracted gifted students from all over the world thanks to its global academic influence and strong research capacity.

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