Tongji opens Sino-German economic law symposium 2018-04-13

The sixth Sino-German Economic Law Symposium got underway at Tongji University in Shanghai on April 9.

Overseas students develop safety and mental health awareness 2018-04-11

Some 200 international students from Shanghai University had a day of increasing their safety awareness and developing their mental health on March 29.

Tongji University promotes China-US Youth Exchange 2018-04-11

The Tongji University Innovation Center for China-US Youth Exchange was inaugurated in Shanghai on April 2.

Overseas students share visions of green economy 2018-04-11

A "Belt and Road" training program on urban mining and associated pollution prevention and control at Shanghai Polytechnic University ended on April 1.

Qingming Festival 2018-04-04

Chinese worship their ancestors, wear willow branches, take spring outings, fly kites and eat cold food, among other activities, during the Qingming festival.

Training program to promote transition to a green economy 2018-04-04

A "Belt and Road" training program focusing on urban mining and pollution prevention opened on March 20.

SOU awards intl student for cultural promotion 2018-04-04

Shanghai Ocean University awarded some 10 international students on March 26, for their dedication to promoting the school and the friendship with Chinese students.

Foreigners experience Chinese culture in Jiading 2018-04-02

Juyuan New Area in Jiading district of Shanghai recently welcomed a group of special guests who came to experience traditional Chinese culture.

Intl students get a taste of Shanghai 2018-04-02

More than 60 SHU newcomers took a one-day tour in Shanghai.

Intl students flock to Shanghai Maritime University 2018-03-30

More than 70 international students embarked on a new journey at Shanghai Maritime University, as its spring semester officially began on March 5.

Erhu brings intl students charm of Chinese string music 2018-03-22

International students from Shanghai University immersed in a night of erhu on March 8.

Chinese, Belgian students engage in cultural sharing 2018-03-22

The English club at Shanghai Polytechnic University recently invited several Chinese and Belgian students to spend a day sharing ideas on trending topics.

Intl students enjoy a one-day tour in Shanghai 2018-03-21

New international students from East China University of Science and Technology took a day around Shanghai's cultural landmarks on March 7.

City a magnet for top talents 2018-03-20

Fifty-two foreign experts have received top talent confirmation letters from local administrators ever since the Shanghai municipal government adopted the new foreign talent visa policy on Jan 1.

SHUTCM welcomes new intl students 2018-03-14

A group of Chinese language students started their new semester at the Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine on March 7.

European students start journey to the East 2018-03-13

Shanghai Polytechnic University welcomed a new group of European students on Feb 27.

China attracts more students from B&R countries 2018-03-13

Bigyan Neupane is busy completing experiments and working on his thesis so that he can graduate this summer.

Tongji, Germany eye intelligent manufacturing 2018-03-08

A delegation from the Federal Ministry of Education and Research of Germany visited Tongji University on March 1-2.

Intl students celebrate Lantern Festival 2018-03-06

Some 60 international students from Shanghai Polytechnic University basked in a joyous mood celebrating the Lantern Festival on March 2.

Qian Xuesen Library opens New Year celebrations 2018-02-28

Celebrations of the Spring Festival is in full swing at Qian Xuesen Library.

SUFE welcomes new intl students 2018-02-24

Shanghai University of Finance and Economics welcomed a new group of 194 international students on Feb 22.

SJTU eyes on Lancang-Mekong cooperation 2018-02-12

A delegation of some 30 media personnel, scholars and youth leaders from the Lancang-Mekong region visited Shanghai Jiao Tong University on Jan 30.

Shanghai Tech University makes another breakthrough in cell 2018-02-11

iHuman Research Center of Shanghai Tech University has made another breakthrough in the research of cell signaling transaction.

New Year celebration for SHU teachers 2018-02-11

The College of International Exchange at Shanghai University held a New Year gathering for its teachers on Feb 2.

American, Chinese scientists find potential effective treatment for asthma 2018-02-09

American and Chinese scientists found a new treatment that could lead to more effective drug therapy for millions of individuals with asthma.

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