Shanghai new website and app cater to international students
Updated: 2014-04-17

The Shanghai Education Commission has worked with China Daily on its new ‘Study in Shanghai’ English-language website and a related app, which opened on April 11, with the idea of attracting more international students to its many excellent higher learning institutions.

The website provides clear, easily accessible content and a user-friendly design, to shine a light on Shanghai’s best schools and provide the latest news from campuses around the city. 

It is aimed at prospective students so it provides useful information on what to study, how to apply, where to go, and more on what Shanghai is really all about. And, it comes with an app that’s convenient for getting updates or other information from a mobile phone. 

The website and app are China’s first social media platform of its kind and are interactive, containing a ‘student stories’ section that encourages international students to share their personal accounts of studying and living in Shanghai, one of China’s major financial and cultural centers. 

The city has at least 50,000 international students annually, including about 35,000 in a program of six months or longer term. The ‘Study in Shanghai’ site gives international students, both in China and abroad, a chance to learn more about the institutions, as part of the municipal government and Chinese government’s international education plan.


Homepage of 'Study-in-Shanghai' English website 

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