ECUST overseas students sample Hui culture
Updated: 2016-11-14


Students pose for a group photo with their DIY bamboo carving. [Photo provided to]

A group of overseas students from East China University of Science and Technology (ECUST) took part in a cultural exploration trip to Anhui province from Nov 2 to 4.

Different from traditional itineraries that usually start at Anhui province's landmark Mount Huangshan, the students' first stop was the Huizhou Culture Museum. From the unique Hui-style model houses to local ink sticks and operas, they got a better view of the province's Hui culture.

The students also gained an insight into the Hui culture by visiting the ancient village Xidi on the second day of their trip.

Situated at the southern foot of Huangshan Mountain, the village boasts a history of more than 1,000 years, and it is still filled with many traditional brick-and-wood houses, exquisite stone archways, carvings, stone-paved streets, and courtyard-style homes.


Students make their DIY bamboo carving with "ECUST Anhui Cultural Trip" written on it. [Photo provided to]

The students also took a trip to a Hui-style carving institute that afternoon, where they learnt about brick, stone, wood and bamboo carvings, and even tried their hands at making their own bamboo carving with "ECUST Anhui Cultural Trip" written on it!

The group from ECUST spent their last day getting a taste of the unique tea culture at Xieyuda Tea Factory. They not only picked, roasted and dried tea leaves, but also sampled some renowned local varieties, such as Maofeng tea and Keemun black tea.

The cultural trip was aimed at deepening the students' understanding of the province's rich and profound culture. It was also a chance for them to enrich campus life.


Students get a special tea culture experience at Xieyuda Tea Factory. [Photo provided to]

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