Fudan University opens int'l student counseling center
Updated: 2016-12-09


The psychological counseling center for international students in Fudan University opens on Dec 5. [Photo provided to study-shanghai.org]

A psychological counseling center for international students at Fudan University was unveiled on Dec 5, with several officials from Fudan and other sister schools in attendance.

Yang Zengguo, director of the university's international students office, delivered his congratulations for the establishment of the center, and briefed guests about its services.

Professors Zhu Zhenwen and Qian Jie were awarded as distinguished counselors at the center.

After the unveiling ceremony, the guests took a tour around the center. Decorated in warm colors, with a sense of peace and relaxation, the center is divided into a consulting room, a safe space for students to freely discuss their problems, and an activity room, housing such professional facilities as the sand table to reduce stress.

Aimed at meeting the mental needs of international students in Fudan, the staff members of the center will be dedicated to developing evidence-based treatment plans tailored to each individual's unique background, and working closely together with students, campus partners and community providers.


A counselor shows guests around the center's professional facilities. [Photo provided to study-shanghai.org]

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