Chinese corner entertains int'l students in winter
Updated: 2016-12-19



Group activities take place at the Chinese corner of Shanghai International Student Service Center on Dec 4. [Photo provided to]

The chilly winter days can never dampen the enthusiastic spirits of the international students at the Chinese corner of Shanghai International Student Service Center (SISSC), which held a series of activities during December.

The first began on Dec 4 –– after full preparation by volunteers –– with an activity themed "My Chinese Name". Though the students were a little shy at first, they soon warmed to each other and came out of their shells.

They excitedly introduced their Chinese names in detail, ranging from its pronunciation and style of writing, to the meanings of each character.

"I learnt a lot of graceful words today; it's really interesting," said one student.

After dividing the students into two groups of seven, the activity reached its climax with a relay race, with the first student getting a word from the host, retelling it to the next student, and so on, until the last student repeats the word they heard in order to check whether or not it was correct. The words, short and simple at the beginning, developed into phrases with moderate difficulty, and finally evolved into awkward-sounding tongue twisters which proved challenging for the students. However, the interesting games, along with the students' funny pronunciations, kept everyone amused and entertained.

The Chinese corner, is held from 2:00 to 3:30 pm each Sunday in December, and involves discussing subjects such as movies, books, news, weather, and poems.


Students take part in the word repeating game. [Photo provided to]

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