Int'l students learn traditional Chinese writing at SJTU
Updated: 2017-01-03


Overseas students practice Chinese calligraphy. [Photo provided to]

A group of 20 international students from Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) spent a special afternoon on Dec 10 soaking up traditional Chinese culture through painting, calligraphy and seal cutting.

Although most of the students were beginners, they were quite interested to learn. From how to sit properly and hold a writing brush to recognizing the different strokes of Chinese characters, the students carefully practiced using models to create distinctive works.

Zhou Chang, leader of SJTU's student calligraphy and painting union, also took the chance to show off his skills in Chinese painting. Starting from bamboo shoots which seemed quite simple at first, Zhou then amazed the students with a vivid phoenix painting!


An overseas student shows his calligraphy work. [Photo provided to]

The students also sampled the profound art of seal cutting, including the selection of stones, the usage of tools, the meaning of seal-cutting works and the connection between seal cutting, calligraphy and Chinese painting.

The students all expressed their gratitude and satisfaction to experience the cultural activity.

The activity was organized by the homestay group in SJTU. Not only aimed at teaching the students about China and its culture, the activity also provided an exchange platform for students and their host families.


Students pose for a group photo. [Photo provided to]

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