Intl students and teachers forge ties at SHUTCM
Updated: 2017-01-23


A group of students and teachers from SHUTCM hold a discussion about the development of TCM on Jan 17. [Photo provided to]

The activity center at Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (SHUTCM) was filled with joy and laughter, as a group of international students and university officials held a discussion about TCM and its development on Jan 17.

Hu Hongyi, vice president of SHUTCM, briefed the students about the status quo and prospects of TCM.

He also praised students for their hard work, hoping they could take full advantage of their time to improve their TCM knowledge and skills.

Students from Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Kazakhstan and the US shared their experiences, raising many questions about learning TCM.

The teachers answered them in detail, as learning TCM requires much patience and persistence. They also offered a number of feasible suggestions, such as attending group studies and TCM-themed discussions to help broaden their academic horizons and better adapt to campus life.

Although this was the first time such a discussion was held at SHUTCM during the Spring Festival holiday, both the students and teachers regarded it as fruitful. More discussions will be conducted in future as a university tradition.

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