Spring Festival enchants overseas students
Updated: 2017-02-04


International students from Shanghai University make dumplings on Jan 28 to celebrate the Spring Festival. [Photo from WeChat account ISU-SHU]

Much like Christmas in the West, China's Spring Festival is a time for family reunions, fun and endless feasting. Many Chinese and overseas students from Shanghai University (SHU) stayed at school for the week-long holiday, which took place from Jan 27 to Feb 2 this year, but the students still got into the festive atmosphere by holding a series of celebrations on Jan 28.

The students tried their hands at making jiaozi (Chinese dumplings), a popular dish eaten during the festival featuring thin pieces of dough stuffed with a ground meat or vegetable filling and then steamed or boiled.

From kneading and rolling dough to mixing ingredients, the students were eager to do their bit. Some of them even placed little surprises in the dumplings—a red Chinese date, a little silver coin and a cooked chestnut—signifying good luck and extending best wishes for the coming year.


International students from Shanghai University guess riddles hidden in jinnang, small embroidered silk bags, and win special gifts. [Photo from WeChat account ISU-SHU]

The students also enjoyed guessing riddles, a popular traditional Spring Festival game where people write down riddles on pieces of paper and put them inside a jinnang, a small embroidered silk bag, then try to answer each other's riddles. Though a tough test for the students' Chinese fluency, they brainstormed to figure out the answers, winning special gifts, with every corner filling up joy and laughter.

"Celebrating Spring Festival in China makes me love China even more," one student said.


Chinese and overseas students from Shanghai University pose for a group photo with their hand-made dumplings on Jan 28 during a Spring Festival celebration. [Photo from WeChat account ISU-SHU]

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