Shanghai strengthens cultural links with Montreal
Updated: 2017-02-28


A delegation from Canada, led by Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre, meets with officials from Shanghai Normal University in Shanghai on Feb 19. [Photo provided to]

A delegation from Montreal, Canada, led by the city's mayor, Denis Coderre, visited Shanghai Normal University (SHNU) on Feb 19 and attended the opening ceremony for Montreal Maison.

The new center, jointly established by SHNU and Montreal's Quebec University, will serve as a base for promoting French language and culture in Shanghai, as well as a platform for fostering cultural and academic exchanges between the two universities.

Before the ceremony, SHNU President Zhu Ziqiang met with Mayor Coderre, who is also an honorary professor of SHNU, and briefed him on the school's achievements on cultural activities and foreign relations over the past year.

Zhu also expressed his confidence that Montreal Maison will provide a good platform for both students and teachers from both universities to conduct more productive cooperation on academic exchanges and personnel training.

Coderre expressed his gratitude to SHNU, especially for its consistent support on opening up a multitude of graduate receptions for Montreal universities. He also spoke about his pride at being named an honorary professor at SHNU, and said he looked forward to carrying out more communications and cooperation between the schools.

The unveiling ceremony for the Montreal Maison at Shanghai was held thereafter, with more than 60 alumni and special guests in attendance.


Denis Coderre (second from left), the mayor of Montreal, and Zhu Ziqiang (second from right), president of SHNU, attend the opening ceremony for the Montreal Maison at Shanghai, which is jointly run by SHNU and Quebec University. [Photo provided to]

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