ECNU overseas students take fun campus tour
Updated: 2017-03-03


Some 130 new international students at East China Normal University go on a campus tour on Mar 1. [Photo from WeChat account ecnuiso]

Some 130 new international students took a fun-filled campus tour of East China Normal University (ECNU) on Mar 1.

The students were immersed in a variety of games, including "Pass the Pearl" and Touhu, a pitch-pot game dating back to ancient times where players attempt to throw chopsticks into a glass bottle.

Their Chinese fluency was also challenged with tongue twisters and a listening test on a brief introduction about the university.


Students play "Pass the Pearl" using plastic pipes. [Photo from WeChat account ecnuiso]

The students roamed the school library, soaking up the great academic atmosphere and getting to know staff members through a picture matching game.

The students enjoyed the campus tour, bringing them a quick and fun school orientation and a chance to make new friends.


Students play a picture matching game to learn about university staff members. [Photo from WeChat account ecnuiso]

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