Overseas students have a taste of Chinese food culture
Updated: 2017-03-29


Professor Ke Lin gives a lecture on the Eight Chinese Cuisines to Chinese and overseas students from Shanghai Polytechnic University and Kwassui Women's College in Japan on March 22. [Photo provided to study-shanghai.org]

Students and teachers from Shanghai Polytechnic University (SSPU) were enchanted by the mouth-watering Eight Chinese Cuisines as Professor Ke Lin gave a lecture on March 22.

The lecture was enthusiastically attended by overseas students from the School of International Exchange of SSPU and a delegation from the Kwassui Women's College in Japan.

Inspired by the famous Chinese saying "Food is everyone's first priority", Ke took advantage of simple words and interesting pictures to brief the attendees about China's profound dining culture.

She also used her personal experiences as examples to explain the social-cultural significance of the Eight Chinese Cuisines. From their origins and features to typical dishes, Ke guided the attendees on a food trip across almost all of China, from Fujian and Guangdong provinces in the south, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Anhui provinces in the middle, to Shandong and Sichuan provinces in the north and west.

"I'm deeply moved by China's food culture," said Seiji Watanabe, associate professor at Kwassui Women's College, "Professor Ke Lin's lecture also inspired me, as her teaching method is perfect for overseas students."

The Japanese visitors shared the characteristics and development of Japanese food with their Chinese counterparts, encouraging them to try their hands at making Japanese rice and vegetable rolls.

"The lecture was interesting and novel, and I enjoyed making the Japanese dish," one overseas student from SSPU said.

The School of International Exchange of SSPU is dedicated to promoting multi-cultural communication and cooperation. It has attracted numbers of students from Asia, Europe and Africa, and will continue to create more fruitful achievements through cultural exchanges.


Overseas students try their hands at making Japanese rice and vegetable rolls. [Photo provided to study-shanghai.org]

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